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As a business professional I take pride our company's work.  Our goal isn't to just give you the best quality audio/visual show for the most affordable price; it’s to give you the best experience possible, regardless of what you’ve paid. I understand that these are trying economic times.  But, you don't have to pay more for the best service and you shouldn't expect less just because you didn't pay over-inflated rates.  Our customer centered service will make you want to refer us to your family and friends!  Ask about our referral discount!


we have years of public speaking experience in many different venues of various sizes and are well versed with engaging the audience and maintaining their attention.  We prefer to use active audience involvement whenever possible. All of our DJs are trained professionals with years of experience.  Our DJs will have a professional appearance and conduct themselves professionally at all times; a neatly pressed suit and tie is company dress code unless you have a specialty theme to your event or request otherwise.


This is more than just a job to us; it's our passion.   We love meeting new people, interacting with the them, public speaking, and yes, Karaoke and trivia, and weddings! This isn't a part-time job for us; it's our career.  We are professionals doing what we love.  Don't trust your special event to a part-time, amateur DJ and hope it comes out Okay.  


It saddens us to hear wedding reception and private party horror stories about the DJ that cost way too much, who didn't engage the crowd, who dressed or acted inappropriately, and charged extra for special services that should be standard to begin with. If other DJ's are charging you for these, DON'T ask them why...FIND A DIFFERENT DJ!  At Mobile DJ Studios we offer the best DJ/Emcee service and use the best equipment at a reasonable price, and won't ever charge you for extas that should have been included with your services. If you have special requests, please let us know and we will  design an affordable, quality solution for you.


There are many DJ services to choose from and many imitators of DSMDJS and Mobile DJ Studios. The question you should ask is, "Do you want the imitators? Or, do you want the DJ Service they are trying to imitate?"  Accept no substitutes for the original.

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