mixers * disco night * sock hops * homecomings * holiday parties * prom * swing dances * and much more!


  • So what exactly makes a great school dance DJ?  The answer is actually quite complex!  A great school dance DJ has radio edited music, sound system adequate for your environment, contemporary personality, and above all, experience!

    We believe that there is a very distinct difference between high school, junior high, and elementary schools. We offer different levels of programming for each level.  We provide services for a variety of school events including:

      *mixers                            *disco night

      *sock hops                      *homecomings

      *holiday parties                *prom

      *swing dances                 *and much more!

    Using our talent and experience, we can also help plan these dances to help make it a dance students will remember.

    Interactive Entertainment - If you want the students, teachers, and/or parents to help decide what gets played during the party, we will have the school provide a list of requests prior to the date of the party.  We can also provide request cards the night of your school dance to request songs that will get the students out on the dance floor. We know there are concerns over some lyric content of some of the current music and we will pre-screen the music and also allow you to provide us with any OFF-Limit songs you do not want played.